2024-01-01 IMPORTANT: I woke up this morning to a completely dead SSD and another one currently failing. 
No data has been lost, but I've just purchased two new drives so there may be some downtime as I migrate data 
from the failing system drive to the new drive. The new second drive will continue to be a backup. Thankfully
that is the drive that was dead!

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Ride Stats

Title Merged ride 2016-10-10 01:18:45  
Start Date 2016-10-10 01:18:45 CDT  
Finish Date 2016-10-11 07:22:32 CDT
# Total shifts 6391  
# Front shifts 642  
# Rear shifts 5749  
Time b/t shifts 16.4 seconds  
Moving time 29:10:20  
Elapsed time 30:03:47  
Distance 501.54 mi  
Ascent 26677 ft  
Descent 26585 ft  
Climbing ratio 1.88  
Climbing rate 914 ft/hr  
Avg/max speed 17.1931 / 52.56 mph  
Avg/norm/max power 203 / 226 / 831 watts  
Avg/max HR 111 / 151 bpm  
Avg/max cadence 74 / 120 rpm  
Notes Merged notes  

Laps Summary

1 11:03:54 17.92 2172
2 3:28:34 17.42 607
3 5:23:55 15.91 1212
4 3:07:47 17.14 633
5 6:06:10 16.9 1767

This pie chart defaults to displaying time spent in each gear. Click one of the other buttons below to update the chart to see one of several other interesting statistics. The pie slices for % time are sorted by gear inches starting with the smallest gear (12 noon) and proceeding clockwise. For all the other statistics (power, heartrate, cadence), the slices are sorted based on the size of the slice starting with the smallest at 12 noon and proceeding clockwise. Similarly, the legend on the right is sorted from top to bottom in the same order as the slices. Colors vary from pie chart to pie chart although I'm working on updating the code to keep the colors consistent based on the original %time chart. I will update this note once that is working.

time | power | heartrate | cadence

Shifting timeline - chainrings only (gaps in the timeline represent time paused)

Shifting timeline - all gears (gaps in the timeline represent time paused)

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